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The Family Collection

To dress up matched!

Our Family collection is a family tradition. And who better than the Envie de Fraise team could present it to you? Soraya, Sohan, Sana, Ana, Martin, Luis, Chloé, Billie, Stéphanie, Nora, Marine, Milie, Pauline, Matthieu, Guillaume and Clément lent themselves in tone-to-tone shots to show you our fantasies suitable for the whole family!

Marinère Aura

Not just a line to dress with your family, but a statement: we belong to the same family!

Daring, creative, new, original ...rnWe have thought of each cloth, following our style and our DNA!
For this new collection, we have researched and developed new fabrics and patterns with passion.
Our style fits to all the silhouettes and all bodies, whether you are pregnant or not, and it’s perfectly declined in the mini version: dresses for girls and sailor-style garments for boys.
Collection Family Collection Family Collection Family

From 2016, Anne-Laure Constanza has a new desire: to imagine an exclusive collection for mothers, future mothers, new mothers ... and for the whole family! We have committed all our passion and knowledge to create a new limited-edition collection where the mother's clothes are matched with those of children ... And the same for the father!

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