Evolutionary models from 1st to 9th month of your pregnancy

Envie de Fraise has created support clothing which grows with your bump so you can wear it throughout your pregnancy. Depending on how you feel, you may prefer over, on or under belly support. When purchasing, order your pre-pregnancy size. If, after measuring yourself, you are still hesitating between two sizes, we recommend you choose the larger size to ensure you can enjoy wearing it until your ninth month.

Bandeau haut

Over belly

Over belly covers the entire stomach to ensure maximum comfort. In addition to feeling good and looking great, this belly band also holds your jeans and pants in place and can be worn throughout your pregnancy.

We love: the comfort, feeling of support and protection it provides.

Bandeau court

On belly

On belly incorporates a short band in the front placed on the lower abdomen to give you extra comfort. This discreet support is ideal for moms who want to wear belts or tuck their maternity tops into their jeans.

We love: its discretion!

Bandeau taille basse

Under belly

The under belly support sits under your bump. Maternity jeans or pants with this support can be worn from the very start of your pregnancy and will grow with you. The support system is so discrete, you may get these pants mixed up with your regular ones! And they are perfect for wearing short tops with.

We love: being able to wear them from the very start and even after pregnancy.

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