Bérénice Bejo wearing the Sartene dress at the Deauville festival.

The beautiful, brilliant actress has been in a relationship for several years with director Michel Hazanavicius, with whom she had her two children: Lucien and Gloria. And it was during her second pregnancy that we got the chance to meet her. Discover her secrets about her pregnancy and her connection with Envie de Fraises!

Being a mother of a little 3 year old boy, how do you balance your working life along with being a mom and a pregnant woman?

I am lucky that I do not have to work every day thanks to my job plus I can only work for the first three months of my pregnancy (if it would fit the scenario :-)). Thus merging all these roles at the same time is easy for me. I respect what I want and have the chance to decide my schedule. Generally, for the duration of my pregnancy, it is the holidays! We can say that these are not the most complicated moments of my life compared to other working women.

A slight indiscreet question: Is Lucien expecting a little brother or a sister?

A sister, it is a little girl!

A final indiscreet question: Have you chosen a name?

Yes! But I am not going to tell you! (Giggles)

Was your partner present for your first delivery?

Yes and he will be present for this one too. My guy is just the best and he is always around.

Do you consider this pregnancy as the most beautiful role of your life?

I am not living this like a role. It is part of a woman's life. In fact, I do not really ask myself any questions on this subject: it is something natural. To tell you more, I have not taken any preparatory courses with midwives and I have never even been taught about anything. I let nature run its course.

What advice would you give to future mothers?

It is important for mothers AND couples to take some time off. Personally, I didn't think twice about leaving Lucien with the grandparents, just one week after my first delivery, so that I could breathe and enjoy some time with my man. My little boy often stays with his grandparents and I think it's a good thing because now my son is very close to them.

You had the opportunity to surf our site, what do you think about it?

I actually went through the site and I was surprised because enviedefraises.fr: it is just awesome! (Smiles). First, the site is very well done. I loved its design and its different sections that allow you to easily find what you want. They have great ideas and looks up to date with the latest trends and provide heaps of different outfits.

The best part of the site is really its collection: there is plenty of choice and an incredible number of trendy and glamorous outfits that can be worn day or night and are available for a super affordable price. We can shop just like any other woman (not pregnant) and remain at the forefront of fashion!

You also had the opportunity to wear Envie de Fraises maternity wear. So, are you enchanted?!
Until now, I had not really known of any pregnancy brands with a really wide choice of models.

Usually what we see is always depressing: there is no neckline and no color, it is quite sad! However, at enviedefraises.fr, you can find all imaginable patterns and even all colors of the rainbow! (Laughs). We can feel that we are pregnant, well dressed, and important with such gorgeous glamorous looks. Plus the best part is that all outfits are up to date with the latest trends. So yes indeed, I am enchanted by the stunning outfits of Envie de Fraises!

Bérenice Bejo adore Envie de Fraises

Is there a particular part of the site which you really fell for? And what would be your top 3?
Having a wedding program, my birthday, a projection for Warner and provincial tour to promote "The Artist", I mostly melted for dresses and skirts. I also fell for many outfits, including lingerie, jackets and a few tops. Unfortunately, with the rainy weather, I have not really been able to try out all models but I've worn the beautiful dresses a lot,

Sartene black for castings and previews. Its small belt tied under the bust flatters and highlights the beautiful curves of mothers to be! Skinny red pants with a small belt or scarf is also very comfortable and they aren't uncomfortably tight. I also wore them for my birthday party! And as I'm a fan of it, I even wore the same thing in white on a rainy day with sandals (laughs). I also find the underwear comfortable and it is not tight fitting but you can still remain sexy!

What are the three main points about our site?
; For the site, it is the very pleasant design, the wide range of choice, an excellent catalog that is complete. A pregnant woman can find something new and stylish everyday! When the products are of very good quality, the texture remains in tact even after washing them, so they are resistible and easy to wash, iron and I found very affordable prices, which is not always the case regarding clothes for pregnant women ... The best of the best is that given the quality of the clothes, you can easily wear them again even after pregnancy!

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