Candice The determined


Given the passion Candice has put into life, there’s no doubt she’ll do just the same with her little one. After a successful career in finance in Malaysia and then in Mexico, she has settled back in Paris to attack multiple new projects within the Lagardère business empire. Right now, though, she’s ready for the greatest adventure of all: becoming a mother.

Girl or boy… do you find out or keep it a surprise?

We wanted to know. It’s a boy. I like imagining what he’s going to be like and knowing the gender makes it easier to do that. We told everyone around us, so no surprise there! I’m very excited about having a boy. We’d like to have three children and I love that we’re starting out with a boy.

You crave… strawberries or an extra large steak?

I’m fond of savoury food, so an extra large steak. I’ve been having some odd cravings for things like lentils, beans, capers and pickles! Chocolate, however, used to be one of my favourite treats. Now, it’s completely dropped off my radar.

9 months of pregnancy… too long or short?

I’ve been fortunate enough to feel great throughout my pregnancy. The first months went just fine and even though I’m due in a month, my belly isn’t bothering me at all. That means I’m comfortable moving around and can pretty much do whatever I want: some days I almost forget I’m pregnant! Things seem to be moving along just the way they should be, it’s definitely not drawn out.

If you could have anything that’s forbidden right now, what would it be?

Right now, I would treat myself to a nice, chilled glass of rosé! I would also love to go for a jog. I used to run several times a week and I miss being able to do that. Fortunately Mother Nature makes it pretty easy to stay away from what’s off-limits.

When you announced it, was it tears or smiles?

Smiles all the way! Same for my husband, who was truly happy when he found out. My mother was very emotional, she had been so impatient to become a grandmother!

What’s the most beautiful thing you hope to pass on to your baby?

Self-confidence, because it’s the basis of everything. It counts so much for me, because life isn’t always easy. You can fall but you have to get right back up. To keep moving forward without being afraid.

Baby aside, what’s the most important fashion item for you?

A dress that’s ample, but that compliments your form. A tough balance to find! I ride my bicycle a lot, so I need to feel comfortable, and a dress is my go-to, in summer as well as winter.

If someone asked you to describe Envie de Fraise, what would you say?

Three words: fun, colour, variety. I was a latecomer to maternity clothing and was afraid of looking like I was wearing a costume. Envie de Fraise is exactly what I was looking for: lots of styles to choose from, playful designs. It’s exactly what I was looking for.

A final message to your baby?

‘Hurry up, life won’t wait!’ What I mean by that is that life is a beautiful gift, and I can’t wait for my little boy to discover it for himself, and share every moment of it with him.

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