Kelssey Layton is the style blogger behind @kelsslayt on Instagram. As a Middle School teacher it’s important for her to find outfits that look put together, are comfortable for a long work day, & work with an everyday budget. Currently, She’s 30 weeks pregnant and have the challenge of finding something that fits her growing bump every morning! Luckily, a few new pieces from Envie de Fraise have made getting dressed so much easier!

Girl or boy… do you find out or keep it a surprise?

BOY! I am way too OCD to not find out the gender! I’m big on planning out details and it has been so nice to buy gender specific outfits, design the nursery, and most importantly – pick out a name! Our baby boy’s name will be Beckam Dean.

You crave… strawberries or an extra large steak?

Depends on the day! Some days I want lots of fresh fruits, veggies and a big salad. Other days I want nothing but steak & potatoes!

9 months of pregnancy… too long or short?

On one hand, I am so darn anxious to meet our sweet baby BOY that 9 months seems like an eternity. However, there is SO much to do and I feel like my list keeps getting longer! I know I have a lot to accomplish in the next 10 weeks so I am sort of relieved to still have that time to check things off. Overall, it wouldn’t matter how long pregnancy was as long as I get to meet a healthy baby at the end of it :)

If you could have anything that’s forbidden right now, what would it be?

Sushi and energy drinks! I absolutely love sushi and typically eat it at least once a week. While I still indulge in a few of the ‘safe’ sushi options, I miss a lot of the raw stuff! Also, I am a big fan of energy drinks & miss sipping on a Red Bill through the afternoon occasionally.

What’s the most beautiful thing you hope to pass on to your baby?

One thing that I really hope to pass on to baby Beckam is a passion for adventure. I absolutely love to travel and explore the world! There is so much to see & experience and I hope that our baby boy will enjoy those same things!

Baby aside, what’s the most important fashion item for you?

SHOES! Over the past few months I have been buying lots & lots of shoes! Since shopping for pants, tops and dresses has become a challenge with a growing baby bump, I know that purchasing shoes are a safe bet. I love how shoes can totally change a look and are also a big part of how comfortable your outfit feels throughout the day.

If someone asked you to describe Envie de Fraise, what would you say?

Classic, Stylish, Affordable. I love how the styles that Envie de Fraise carries are styles that I would also purchase not pregnant! They have so many cute, fashion forward pieces that are sure to make your closet baby bump friendly. Not to mention, the prices are right on point and very reasonable!

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