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Global evaluation 4.3/5

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  • By Taryn

    le 2021-12-20 18:59:25

    Dresses were beautiful and fit perfectly. Delivery was very quick but expensive. It would have been nice to have a slower/less expensive shipping option. I believe 2-3 day was the only option and therefore cost almost €20.

  • By Jamie

    le 2021-12-03 18:53:29

    I am impressed with the quality and chic style of your clothing as well as the rapid delivery, even overseas.

  • By Oksana

    le 2021-11-01 18:01:26

    Shipping was fast and I liked how return are free. I had to return something back and I even got an email saying you're received my return and will process it. This doesn't happen often so I really enjoyed buying here.

  • By Katia

    le 2021-09-27 05:28:25

    Fully satisfied

  • By Sharon

    le 2021-08-29 05:41:47

    Fast delivery, product as described and very flattering

  • By Kylie

    le 2021-08-19 22:27:30

    Absolutely love the dress!! And the service was nice and prompt!!

  • By Ruth

    le 2021-07-10 15:11:42

    Beautiful dresses - so flattering!

  • By Christina

    le 2021-07-10 14:57:11

    The ** sizing for those clothes that are a single size (i.e. “6” instead of a “6/8”) seem to run very small.

  • By Megan

    le 2021-07-08 03:34:53

    Amazing selection of clothes, so stylish and delivered in a timely fashion. However, every time I order, I have problems with the credit card payment and have to use PayPal. Would be great if this could be fixed.

  • By Kate

    le 2021-06-23 01:20:36

    Shipping was incredibly fast, sizing was very accurate

  • By Rebecca

    le 2021-06-01 04:36:27

    The UK size conversion in the chart is completely wrong. Followed the chart, and have ended up with a dress that is size 16/18 when it should be 10/12. Have sent in complaint as there doesn't seem to be an exchange service, waiting to hear back.

  • By Amy

    le 2021-05-16 04:13:49

    The service and product were great. I really hope you come out with more clothes in the emerald green **, and also more colors in the tank top.

  • By Vanessa

    le 2021-04-29 12:15:00

    I recommend this store!
    The oversea shipping was fast, and without any issue!
    For the canadien market your style of cloth is unique!

  • By Romane

    le 2021-04-28 03:22:10

    Satisfied with my order. Size guidelines were good. I like the colors, the shapes and how it fits.

  • By Amanda

    le 2021-04-22 03:27:07

    Submitted a refund request via the website because one dress had a white mark on it and a shirt came to me with a HOLE in it. No response.

  • By Valerie

    le 2021-04-15 05:54:22

    Great clothes!!

  • By Alba

    le 2021-04-08 02:06:36

    The international shipping and processing times for the order were fast!
    I always kept track of my order by getting emails with current status.

  • By Linda

    le 2021-03-02 15:38:52

    I would definitely recommend your company. It arrived very quickly and my daughter-in-law loves the top. She plans to buy many more. Do you have any promotions?

  • By Sarah

    le 2021-03-01 16:15:12

    One of the items I received (Clement pants) was used, there is cat hair on the item, the elastic of the pant is stretched, and the packing bag is not original.
    Also, as the return of items is not free for Canada, I cannot return this item, since a return to France ($ 77- $ 133) costs more than the item itself ($ 70).
    I would then be very hesitant to order from this site in the future.

  • By Shannon

    le 2021-02-10 08:23:40

    Great quality, service and quick delivery!

  • By Lisa

    le 2021-01-19 19:53:03

    The email service and customer service were disappointing. It took a long time for my order to be processed out of my cart even after my payment was processed and I emailed. It took around five days to get a response and for my order to ship. I asked to add to my order and was told I could pay for items separately and offered that shipping would be refunded and orders would be combined. Later I was told this was not possible. It was hard to understand why two items could not be added to a bag.

  • By Elise

    le 2021-01-19 00:03:56

    I globaly satisfy but today i’ve received my items and when i want to put one of them on thé button felt on the ground
    Then i tried the jumpsuit and i’ve notice that the button will fall very soon too
    So i’m a little bit deasappointed because before wearing those for the very first time i’ll have to fix them first.
    So i’m wondering in few weeks how it will be
    But i’ll see maybe it’s just bad luck

  • By Yael

    le 2021-01-16 16:07:39

    I really like your company. Great clothes. Not cheap but also not expensive considering the style and quality. For me, some of long sleeved shirts that are meant for pregnancy and beyond don't look so good on my body post partum. They are very clingy. This is nice but I prefer to have some variety there. I love your sweaters. So happy I found them. Thank you!

  • By Morgan

    le 2021-01-14 02:04:23

    It was so easy to place an order from the United States, and DHL shipping services got the package here so quickly! I’ve ordered twice from here, and will definitely do so again!

  • By Yesica

    le 2021-01-13 11:26:46

    I love the pants, but some dresses have a weird fabric ecerything stick to them. I pay for a fast delivery and in my second purshase everything went súper fast but in the 3 did not arrive on time i was staying in hotel in miami and they have a great service thats why they receive and send it to me in México ( but i have to pay for this ) it took more then a week to arrive and said the only 3 days

  • By Elisa

    le 2021-01-12 07:33:46

    Very fast service, but perhaps a bit costly given that many other companies offer similar delivery for free

  • By Audrey

    le 2021-01-12 04:22:10

    Beautiful clothes and helpful staff via email.
    The parcel took 2 weeks to be dispatched then another 2 weeks to be delivered, which is a bit slow considerIng I paid AUD67 for delivery.

  • By Lisa

    le 2021-01-12 01:49:08

    I absolutely adore the company, clothing and fast shipping times. I am a raving fan. The clothes fit well, there is great selection and I am thrilled with fast affordable international shipping. My only complaint is the technical issue I have every time I place an order. It takes days to process and confirm the order even though PayPal charged me instantly. When I write in to request help it generally takes 4-5 days to hear back. The rest of the experience is great, so this lag is odd.

  • By Kelly

    le 2020-12-20 02:41:16

    Very helpful and prompt.

  • By Megan

    le 2020-12-12 15:01:52

    The link to my return label was broken. I emailed them twice with no response. This is a scam.

  • By Helena

    le 2020-10-15 13:49:32

    The fabric of the dress was thinner than I expected. Other than that I loved it. Beautiful design, beautiful ** and pattern. The package arrived speedily and the return I made was the easiest I've had.

  • By Esther

    le 2020-10-12 02:49:34

    I absolutely adore the styles offered. It is so incredibly stylish and versatile. I will be wearing these items throughout my entire pregnancy journey including postpartum. Shipping was very fast and I appreciated being able to track it from overseas until it arrived on my front porch. I will be recommending to my friends and will be returning!

  • By Ana Maria

    le 2020-09-20 08:33:19

    I was supposed to receive the order within 4-5 working days. It’s been 7, I still haven’t received it.

  • By Sara

    le 2020-09-14 06:35:09

    The two dresses I bought are pretty, well-made, and a good fit for the most part. However, one is too wide at the neck, which is odd since they're the same style just in different prints, and I find the tank top closest to the skin is too high up; pulling it down to nurse is awkward and seems to stretch out the fabric. Still, better than most of the options out there for nursing dresses.

  • By Silja

    le 2020-08-20 09:12:10

    My order has still not arrived (I got an email today that it will arrive only on Saturday), and I see that envie de fraises does not even know about this delay. I find that rather disappointing and I would very much appreciate a faster delivery.

  • By Lauren

    le 2020-08-12 21:03:35


  • By Kelly

    le 2020-08-05 19:10:51

    Quick delivery! Great products.
    The credit card sale option did not work for me on the website. PayPal worked instead.

  • By Kelly

    le 2020-07-22 22:54:02

    I love the things I ordered and they came promptly.

  • By Sarah

    le 2020-07-06 07:52:02

    One month without receiving the 6 products I bought on June 4th and I still don’t know when I will receive them. They don’t answer any email. I called them three weeks ago and they gave me the tracking code of Zeleris but the only information I get is that the products have been shipped from Coslada to Barcelona. The same info for the last 3 weeks. I called Zeleris and they don’t know where are my products and Enviedefraise don’t answer my emails. At least, I’d like an answer from their end.

  • By Kate

    le 2020-06-23 18:11:40

    Extremely fast shipping and easy ordering. Some products I was interested in were not in stock and the price point was a little expensive. I probably would buy more if items cost less.

  • By Elizabeth

    le 2020-06-23 07:02:48

    Excellent product, perfect size, fast delivery time

  • By Rosalyn

    le 2020-06-08 01:52:35

    Beautiful clothing!!! I will be looking to buy more once some colors and sizes are restocked. Super fast shipping as well! Came to me faster than ordering from the US even!

  • By Carmel

    le 2020-03-10 20:21:58

    Appreciated the prompt delivery and clear expectations set about delivery. Dresses are beautiful and fit as expected.

  • By Joanne

    le 2020-03-03 06:28:24

    Extremely fast delivery to the other side of the world. Great selection of dresses. However the currency selector didnt convert properly and I was unaware of the actual cost until it charged my credit card. Would be good if it showed the correct currency before i made payment instead of getting a fright when checking my credit card.

  • By Mary Beth

    le 2020-03-02 16:45:29

    Came quickly, easy to pay via paypal internationally. Clothes are cute

  • By Yael

    le 2019-12-24 16:08:58

    Thank you so much for helping me look attractive and put together while pregnant! My maternity options were especially limited because I am petite 5’2” and a size 36 before pregnancy, and *** clothing is cut for a much taller woman. I feel so much more like myself since I found your website. It can be difficult to order clothing online, sight unseen, but your returns process is easy and convenient although the actual refund process is slow. Highly recommend!!

  • By Alexandra

    le 2019-12-24 05:42:44

    Great company, lovely clothes!
    Highly recommend :)

  • By Sara

    le 2019-12-11 18:28:20

    Fast shipping and excellent customer support!

  • By Marcia

    le 2019-12-10 12:28:05

    love the clothes and the quality

  • By Samantha

    le 2019-12-08 23:57:40

    I can't believe how quickly my order arrived, and I love what I ordered.

  • By Chantal

    le 2019-12-02 21:56:05

    Very good. Nothing to add.

  • By Roxanne

    le 2019-10-17 03:36:31

    Je m *** à une qualité supérieure. Quand le matériel est légèrement étiré il est blanchâtre. Les robes sont néanmoins pratiques, mais au prix que cela me revient (***) je crois qu' il s agira de ma dernière commande.

  • By Janet

    le 2019-09-23 00:10:54

    Very satisfied with the order procedure, how quickly order was received, and will recommend!

  • By Kaitlin

    le 2019-08-28 21:33:45

    The product sizing was inconsistent. Some materials and finish were not the quality I was expecting. For example when I put on a pair of faux leather pants I ordered some stitching came out. When I took this to a seamstress she told me this happened because they were not sewn properly at the hem properly - stretching the fabric when sewn, so they did not stretch with the rest of the garment. I thought one of the items was good, so I may order again if return goes nicely.

  • By Samantha

    le 2019-07-06 21:42:40

    I was disappointed that I was not contacted when one of the items I ordered was no longer available. I would have liked to be contacted to select something else (or at least to have the option to select something else) since I was already paying for shipping. Now I am still in need of another nursing top but do not want to have to pay for shipping all over again.

  • By Erica

    le 2019-06-19 23:52:32

    Everything went perfectly smoothly.

  • By Mary

    le 2019-06-14 15:03:53

    The customer service has been outstanding. The communication has been great. I appreciate receiving an email letting me know my return has been received. The shipping to the U.S. was really fast and the return was very easy.

  • By Maya

    le 2019-05-26 20:45:08

    I was very disappointed with the product I bought. When you buy a swimming suit for pregnant women with Large as a size, you expect the right level of support on the breasts, which are evidently big in size. The tummy part is ok, however the breasts support is not suitable for a big size pregnant woman. And this is not what you expect from a specialised pregnancy brand. This was my first purchase and I’m extremely disappointed.
    Delivery was on time as expected.

  • By Daphne

    le 2019-05-18 07:16:04

    Would be good to make the returns procedure more obvious on your website.

  • By Helin

    le 2019-05-11 22:39:12

    i ended up paying customs and tax. the website gives the impression that all those things are taken care of. it should be stated at the check out. overall i got a 35 Euro dress and ended up paying 25 CAD more at the pick up, 18 CAD of which is delivery clearance fee by DHL. that was not cool.

  • By Emmanuelle

    le 2019-05-09 01:51:13

    Once again one article was not delivered as you found out that it was not available a posteriori after my order is validated. This is really annoying and you should do a commercial gesture (providing free delivery for instance). Without this article maybe I would have decided no to order and wait for more articles ....

  • By Carole

    le 2019-05-05 19:59:45

    Everything was perfect. Clothes are great, shipping was fast. Expensive, but fast.

  • By Kate

    le 2019-04-28 18:25:43

    I am so happy I found your brand—I wish I knew about you during my first pregnancy! The maternity/nursing dress I bought is so easy to nurse with while in public! Also, the shipping was fast as I received my order in one week. I will definitely recommend this brand to my friends!

  • By Sylvie

    le 2019-04-21 20:47:08

    commande livrée à temps, correspond aux descriptions des produits

  • By Briana

    le 2019-04-08 00:30:37

    I still haven’t received the dress. DHL is horrible and won’t deliver to my building. It keeps saying that they want a signature even though I told them to leave it in the building. I would seriously consider using another mail service.

  • By Sandra

    le 2019-04-04 08:13:03

    Really good service and quick delivery

  • By Erin

    le 2019-04-01 00:27:01

    The service was very fast, and returns were very easy. I would say that it was not obvious that the carrier was going to pick up the package at my house, so I was not prepared for that. That should be made more clear in the return process.

  • By Kirsten

    le 2019-03-17 18:10:22

    This is my 4th order from the site, and I am delighted with the speed of processing and accuracy of the delivery time. The products are, of course, terrific, too. I would absolutely recommend this brand to others.

  • By Petra

    le 2019-03-08 14:11:57

    I like the products. The quality is nice which becomes more and more rare. :)
    It is still annoying for me that too many products are made out of plastic. But fortunatelly I could filter on cotton products.

  • By Yen Ting

    le 2019-03-05 07:19:18

    I purchased product twice due to decent quality and the website claims that return is free. However, when I intend to return one of the items from second purchase, I met some difficulties and customer service was not very helpful either.

  • By Jennifer

    le 2019-02-18 14:05:17

    Your service as well as the products are perfect
    However if possible to add a country to deliver to Lebanon beirut

  • By Candice

    le 2019-02-12 18:07:47

    You were a pleasure to shop with. I am a US based customer, and was so impressed with the ease of ordering and the speed of arrival for the low cost of international shipping. I fell in love with the pieces you offer when I found one item in US based store and was thrilled that I could order additional styles online so readily.

  • By Andrea

    le 2019-02-05 13:06:24

    I have yet to receive my order as it was delivered to someone else and without a signature. I would like to repeat the feedback once I receive my order. I ordered the outfit early last week for a special occasion and now due to it being mishandled and still lost, will have to go seek another brand to have by this Friday. It doesn't look like a replacement is being sent. I'm sure it's a nice dress but can't really give feedback on the dress until I receive it, only on the delivery portion.

  • By Anisa

    le 2019-01-22 17:19:30

    The ordering process was absolutely fine, but the return process is really difficult. I don't think I can order from this company again online because returning things that don't fit or that aren't made the way I thought they were is too complicated.

  • By Emily

    le 2019-01-14 17:50:24

    Everything was perfect.

  • By Ansley

    le 2019-01-10 17:19:11

    The clothes you make are the BEST maternity clothes. The only reason I am not giving 5 stars is that it was difficult to figure out how to return items. There were several “return” buttons on the website and the easiest to find just stated your policy, not the steps to return. So I had to hunt for a while to find it.

  • By Kristen

    le 2018-11-27 17:05:49

    Quick shipping, lovely dress!

  • By Sarah

    le 2018-05-25 16:57:34

    very good returns policy. The Kelly style fit me with the fabric (drape, shoulder, ability to open nursing spot, etc) but the elastic was clearly tight when I tried it on. A size up on the elastic would have been too big on the fabric, it was oddly mismatched

  • By Angela

    le 2018-05-06 15:38:55

    Love love love! I live in a rural where only sad and tacky maternity options are avaiable. Envie De Fraise has been perfect ! It’s high quality runs true to size and makes it faster from France than things do from an hour away. So thankful I ran across this!

  • By Courtney

    le 2018-04-28 13:44:44

    Super easy ordering, extremely fast shipping (even to Australia!) & beautiful quality products! The pajamas are soft like butter & sit perfectly whilst the nightie is adorable - both perfect for hospital stay & at home comfort!
    Couldn’t be happier with this purchase x

  • By Melissa

    le 2018-04-24 06:28:21

    The jeans and 2 dresses I purchased were perfect. A great fit and wonderful that they actually looked nice too. I have yet to find another maternity brand that stocks well made, stylish and affordable clothing - thanks :)

  • By Melanie

    le 2018-04-19 21:21:45


  • By Lauren

    le 2018-03-26 02:34:09

    The website recommended buying the size you were before pregnancy. However, I am going to have to return EVERY Poe d I bought because they are all too small. Hopefully I can just exchange them for one size bigger. Also, all of the shipping info that cams in the box was in a different language. If you ship and sell to the U.S. please include English return info/ receipts.

  • By Lia

    le 2018-03-25 16:09:25

    The delivery came very quickly. The order was correct. I will happily order from envie again.

  • By Lindsey

    le 2018-03-12 14:46:10

    I love everything I ordered, and it arrived in fairly quick! I’ve ordered things within the US that don’t arrive that fast! One thing that may have made the shipment even more special would be if you had a catalog with my order, or a special offer for my next order. Either way it was a great experience!

  • By Aurea

    le 2018-03-01 16:29:05

    Super easy online experience, nice materials, DHL delivery works seamlessly - I love that they text me before arriving.

  • By Carmen

    le 2018-02-28 18:00:29

    Fast shipping and GREAT product. The quality is A+. Fit and looks as described.

  • By Jennifer

    le 2018-02-21 12:27:26

    Exellent choices
    Exellent follow up
    Fast in delivery

  • By Jane

    le 2018-02-12 17:58:58

    Great and fast delivery considering it came from France! I loved the quality and material of the clothes and the best part about it is that I can wear it after pregnancy!

  • By Megan

    le 2018-02-07 19:35:25

    The dresses that I ordered are high quality and delivered quickly! I had to exchange one of the dresses for a different size and Envie de Fraise refunded the dress AND the shipping. I reordered the dress in the correct size and got it in days, despite the strike!

  • By Yuki

    le 2018-01-07 02:57:59

    As soon as we got on the website, we got offered $*** if we registered. We did, but the coupon never worked. At one point we got redirected to a British website with an offer in £, another time it was €. We sent an email to support, no answer so far. It was last year, on December 26th.

  • By Anita

    le 2018-01-06 02:00:35

    Communication was excellent. Shipping was very quick. The clothes are very good quality and I will definitely recommend to others.

  • By Claire

    le 2017-12-24 15:52:02

    I am French and living in the United States. So I already knew the original site. But the american version of the site definitely need adjustments. For instance, not everything is translated in english. Some product descriptions are not translated from French (which is fine with me but not with american customers).
    When I requested the welcome promo code for $*** off, I received a code for ***£ off ! Of course, it didn't work. So I reached out to the customer service and they were very efficient. They gave me another code for $*** off. I asked for the $*** promised and they assured me they would reimburse me $*** which they did.
    Customer service is excellent and I received my package from France very shortly after placing my order. I was surprised it was that fast (less than a week).
    I love their products. They're original, good quality and look good !

  • By Krista

    le 2017-12-24 15:10:47

    Cannot say anything bad about order from this company and the products I received!

  • By Kendra

    le 2017-11-21 09:50:20

    I’m EXTREMELY SATISFIED with my order and the prompt response and super fast shipping. I had actually found the shirt I ordered a couple of years ago at a second hand store for around $***. I had sewed it a few times and and my mom was going to try to sew it again, but it had holes everywhere, I wore it and I loved it so much I would wear it under other shirts. My mom suggested that I just order a new one, so I looked at the tag and searched for your company and for that exact shirt. In all honesty, I like maternity shirts because of their length(I’m not pregnant, I have no children but it asked for a “due date” and I couldn’t proceed within entering one so I just made one up. (I hate lying) BUT I LOVE THIS SHIRT!!!!! And yes, I tell everyone about it!!! I would recommend you to everyone I know. I’m a bigger person, so quality clothes are a “MUST” and fit and style is crucial. I can’t buy a shirt from *** and expect it to look decent on me, maybe if I were a size 3/4, but that’s not the case! Thank You!!! I’m sure I will purchase tops from your company again soon!!! In fact I’m going to see what other colors are available but I believe the choices were grey and black (which is fine) red would be nice, but whatever, I LOVE BLACK, basically that’s all I wear, it’s what I’m comfortable in.

  • By Roanna

    le 2017-11-15 18:58:24

    I rated my experience as very poor because I have not even received my package. The reason I did not receive it is because it is being held for duties owed. After corresponding with your customer service I now know that in your terms & conditions it states the customer is responsible for duties, however, I did not see that at the time of my order. I highly suggest that you put this information in a more prominent place under shipping info, and also in your FAQs. Otherwise people will expect shipping to only cost ***, and not be asked to pay an additional *** in duties (which is the case for me). After speaking with DHL I have learned that if the items are less than *** no duty is imposed at all. I really think you should make your US customers aware of this, since it would definitely change the way I ordered. Even if I wanted to purchase more than *** of clothing I could have done so in multiple shipments so as to avoid paying such a high duty rate. I still have no idea if I will like the clothing, or if it will fit, and if I decide to return items there is no way I will get that duty money back. I am very disappointed with this experience and was really looking forward to getting my new maternity clothing and sharing your website with friends.

  • By Joanna

    le 2017-11-14 19:27:21

    Beautiful clothes and fast shipping.

  • By Magalie

    le 2017-11-07 17:24:58

    Almost one month since my I complete my order and I am still waiting to receiving it.
    Clothes are beautiful, it is sad that I would have to make my shopping on another e-commerce to have my order with in a reasonnable delay.

  • By Rosa

    le 2017-10-09 23:18:58

    Super satisfied with everything!! clothes are great and comfy, order was shipped quick and arrived in less that a week to US

  • By Jeanette

    le 2017-10-02 20:05:13

    Website is very easy to navigate. Items are very stylish and well-made. Returns are easy and quick. So happy I found them,

  • By Raisa

    le 2017-09-17 05:48:28

    My package was never shipped, which the company did not realize till I called DSL. I keep asking the company for a week now to help me out and I keep being asked to be patient

  • By Margo

    le 2017-07-17 19:36:02

    Very satisfied with everything and will recommend to others!

  • By Alison

    le 2017-07-13 21:47:56

    Returns could be easier. At this time, I need to find a DHL shop, which is not super convenient.

  • By Jacquelyn

    le 2017-07-12 06:24:54

    The fabric is so nice to the touch! The colors are beautiful! Wonderful to wear especially during hot and humid summer days in Hawaii! I can easily breastfed my daughter in comfort at anywhere and anytime! Definitely looking forward to purchasing these and more items again in the future!

  • By Paige

    le 2017-06-23 01:34:04

    My clothes arrived promptly, fit well and are very stylish. (Much more stylish and flattering than maternity clothes from other stores!) They have held up well through multiple washings.

  • By Mary

    le 2017-06-22 20:45:22

    The products I ordered are of fabulous quality and fit perfectly! So many features to them that I love. They look chic and very well made. My package also arrived very quickly. Will be ordering again in the near future. LOVE the service and quality of products.

  • By Marie

    le 2017-06-08 16:42:11

    Je suis tres contente d'avoir découvert "envie de fraise". J'habite aux USA depuis 15 ans et j'y apprécie la faciliter de pouvoir acheter des articles sur internet facilement et de les rendre. Avec Envie de Fraise, je viens de découvrir enfin une marque française avec la même flexibilité pour le client! L envoie avec *** n est pas hors de prix et le retour pris en charge! De plus on est remboursé des articles qui ne nous vont pas! C est fantastique.
    Sinon, c est ma première grossesse et de trouver des vêtements jolies et abordables , c est encore plus fantastique!! Merci l' équipe Envie de Fraise. Je fais déjà de la pub pour vous aux USA. Je suis vraiment contente des articles que j' ai gardé. Bref, continuez on a besoin de companie avec un tel esprit positif avec leur client, un excellent site! Si vs avez des idées de marque pr vêtements de bébé comme la votre, pls let me know.

  • By Soojin

    le 2017-06-08 15:55:35

    The overseas shipping was super fast and I am very happy with the quality of the products.

  • By Pavithra

    le 2017-06-06 20:58:59

    the 4 to 6 size is different from 4-6 size in the US. So, sizing guidelines would help

  • By Callie

    le 2017-05-18 14:50:21

    Love the clothes, although they run a little small- particularly for postpartum moms, so I would order the next size up from what you would normally wear.

  • By Laura

    le 2017-05-09 19:38:58

    Product was in excellent condition and arrived really fast! Great service!

  • By Olivia

    le 2017-05-03 14:08:00

    Love this adorable top. Fit is great and it's flattering and fun. Arrived early, which was a bonus! This was my first purchase, but I'll be ordering more from Envie de Fraise.

  • By Courtney

    le 2017-05-01 22:18:59

    I love the selection here, and the quality and fit was excellent. My order shipped right away and returns were easy.

  • By Madeleine

    le 2017-05-01 16:52:00

    Beautiful, high quality clothes received in just a few days from overseas! What more can I ask?

  • By Mooklan

    le 2017-04-17 00:15:05

    *** Wish some of the styles I really liked were available in my size. There are a few glitches on the website, so I received an email saying my size is available but then I went to order on the website same day and it says its not.

  • By Yorleny

    le 2017-04-16 10:36:54

    I was satisfied with pretty much everything except the fact that your website was not clear which dresses were both maternity & nursing dresses.
    It was hard to figure out. It would be very helpful if this could be stated in each of the garments descriptions.

  • By Teresa

    le 2017-04-13 17:09:48

    Love the jumper and really excited that it came 2 days sooner than I expected. I wish I could order more of the same in different colors. It is so comfortable and I've received many compliments.

  • By Albane

    le 2017-03-21 02:26:32


  • By Helena

    le 2017-03-16 00:11:04

    Great modern & feminine designs.
    Fit was perfect, based on your size charts.
    Quality better than expected.
    Shipment arrived as expected.
    Thank you!

  • By Callie

    le 2017-03-13 15:31:28

    I love their styles, but the clothes do run a bit small.

  • By Aviva

    le 2017-03-07 18:44:03

    Shipping was extremely quick, the styles of the clothes are really nice. The only complaint I have is the quality is slightly less than what I would expect for the price. I ordered a dress that was $70, but there were loose threads poking out, which was disappointing. I would have ordered some of the shirts which look nice, but they were too expensive at $50.

  • By Barbara

    le 2017-02-10 15:47:51

    Very pleased with the nursing tops I purchased. Excellent quality and styled as pictured.

  • By Alisha

    le 2017-02-07 20:35:06

    received my jumper is record timing and it was great quality and better than i expected! very happy!

  • By Maria Lucia

    le 2017-01-26 14:32:25

    Very satisfied with the order procedure, delivery was very fast, and the product is fantastic! I love the design, comfort and quality.

  • By Ashley

    le 2016-12-08 13:05:08

    Awesome, quick delivery and I love the clothes! They fit great, true to size and I'm very excited to wear them. The prices are great for clothes that are made in France. I would absolutely recommend them to others!

  • By Meredith

    le 2016-12-07 23:53:22

    Loved the pretty fast shipping from Europe (even though I'm in the west coast of the US) and the style, selection and prices of the clothes! Way better than the shapeless schmattas available for pregnant women in America.

  • By Faith

    le 2016-12-07 00:27:12

    Easy to navigate site with pictures that accurately portray these beautiful clothes. I received my order and found the clothes were well made and fit beautifully! Highly recommend this brand to expectant mothers!

  • By Stephanie

    le 2016-11-23 17:27:15

    Customer service is highly lacking. I had to email several times about an order I placed to only get a response that you were unable to meet my needs. The issue is that I order two items that were on sale at the time I put them in my cart then when I went to checkout the price increased (mind you this was after a few hours). I wanted to be refunded the difference in price but instead "customer service" told me to just return the two items if I am displeased. What should have taken place is a refund for the difference and not a back and forth conversation.

  • By Elsie

    le 2016-10-14 21:21:09

    Ordering and returning is easy and fast. I was really surprised and happy about how fast my shipment arrived at my door. Customer service responded with any issues I had very quickly.

  • By Monika

    le 2016-09-15 09:25:51

    I am very happy with the look of the clothes I ordered. I am also very happy with how the materials feel. However, 2 out of 3 pieces of clothes arrived with false sizes (too big). I will wear them anyway, because I am pregnant with twins. Because I am living in Germany I thought it too complicated to send them back and to ask for those two pieces of clothes in my size. That is why I can't give all 5 stars!

  • By Ansley

    le 2016-09-14 01:56:40

    Finally some stylish nursing and maternity wear! Love these guys. Customer service is great.

  • By Caroline

    le 2016-08-18 14:14:43

    All my items fit except one top that was clearly too small, this is strange because I got everything in the same size. Maybe there is a problem and the tag says a M when it is actually a S, I will have to send this item back, how do I proceed ? thank you

  • By Asia

    le 2016-08-16 08:21:01

    I was pleased with the initial ordering process and with how quickly the dress showed up. However, I was very displeased when the dress arrived with STAINS on it and now I have been attempting to contact the company for two days and have not received any response. This is unacceptable.

  • By Jessica

    le 2016-08-09 17:33:33

    Very happy with my experiences to date.

  • By Lucile

    le 2016-07-28 20:46:25

    Very disappointed by envie de fraises.First,the package arrived 1 week later than expected and I was gone by the time it got there.So it was returned to sender and only 2 months and 8 emails to customer service later did I get the credit on my account.Such a waste of time and energy.

  • By Fiona

    le 2016-07-25 17:14:51

    I have had a very poor experience with envie de fraise. Everything I read said that I could get a full refund if clothes I ordered didn't fit. When I returned things in a timely manner, I was told I received a store credit, which I didn't want. I had to go back to the site and ask for a refund, which I did. The I received a note saying I had received a partial refund. I have written two emails asking why I would receive a partial refund instead of a full refund and I have received no response to either. As of last week, I had still not received the refund. Also, you shouldn't display prices in US dollars if you're actually charging in euros. I was dismayed to see an additional foreign transaction fee on my credit card bill.

  • By Therese

    le 2016-07-19 19:07:42

    I really want to love this site. I love the clothes, the prices and delivery - so quick and free returns - excellent. The updates on the order being processed are very good (for a european website). However, the site (while very good) has a few bugs.

    The biggest of which is that I can't add anything to my wishlist. The whole wishlist function doesn't work and needs to be fixed. Also, my french is good enough that I can make out most of the items in the accessories and skincare section but a translation on the international site would be beneficial.

    Also, my first order arrived missing an item and 5 days and 2 emails later, I still haven't heard back from the company (giving them some leeway however as I know it was a holiday weekend so I'm open to forgetting this if they work it all out for me) as to whether or not they're going to send me the dress or credit my account with the price of the item which is making me uneasy.

    I have found in the past, that my first experience with a person or company is usually indicative of future experiences - so I'm really hoping this isn't going to be an ongoing issue as I really want to get some clothing from Envie de Fraise and have it be my go to maternity site but so far, it's not looking good.

  • By Elizabeth

    le 2016-07-05 18:33:54

    Quick delivery and great quality product. True to size.

  • By Leslie

    le 2016-07-05 13:55:38

    I was very pleased with the product and how quickly it arrived to my home.

  • By Kathlene

    le 2016-07-05 13:35:54

    Stylish/functional dedign. Great value. Fast shipping.

  • By Theresa

    le 2016-06-21 00:01:22

    I was very pleased with the service of Envie de Fraise. My daughter in law loves the outfits!

  • By Daniel

    le 2016-06-18 12:41:59

    Good quality product, low price, quick delivery. It would be helpful to be able to adjust the product size differently, as the top half is a little bit too small, and the bottom half is a little bit too big. Still, overall an excellent product; my girlfriend and I are very pleased with Envie de Frais.

  • By Anouk

    le 2016-06-17 21:33:25

    very fast international delivery system. I was very happy with the clothes ordered.

  • By Elizabeth

    le 2016-05-27 19:56:09

    The dress is very thin and the material seems cheap as a result. It's see-through.

  • By Morgane

    le 2016-05-17 18:54:08

    The clothes are very nice and of good quality. Additionally, the service is very good. Shipping and returns are easy.

  • By Clare

    le 2016-05-11 02:32:30

    I am usually size 2-4 when not pregnant, I ordered a size bigger 4-6 and was nervous about how it would fit. I am glad I went for one size bigger because it fits perfectly.

  • By Ashley

    le 2016-04-15 14:43:21

    The clothes were okay, but nothing special for the price. Furthermore, I did not expect to be hit with such a significant customs charge for ordering internationally. I have ordered internationally many times before and have only ever had to pay a small fraction of the total price in duties (which is what I expected here, but turned out not to be the case). The most disappointing part of the transaction is that I sent an email to Envie de Fraise attempting to clarify the customs charges (just wanted to make sure it wasn't a mistake since it seemed so high!), and they just ignored my email - they probably figured that since I had already paid for my order they were off the hook. Not great customer service if you ask me!

  • By Amanda

    le 2016-04-12 06:41:55

    Excellent service and communication. I am very pleased with the company and my purchases. Thank you:)

  • By Joelle

    le 2016-04-05 23:27:55

    It is written on your site that the taxes are included and it turns out to be completely ***. I am an international customer and I had to pay almost half the value of my order in taxes. Your customer service is really slow to answer requests, I had to send 2 messages to get an answer. I will definitely not buy from your site again and I will not recommend it to friends.

  • By Cynthia

    le 2016-03-26 09:18:14

    I was very satisfied with my purchase. I received my order very promptly despite it coming from another continent.

  • By Julia

    le 2016-03-23 14:33:47

    This was my first purchase and my experience was completely satisfying and I'm even more pleased with the quality and fit of the dress I purchased for my baby shower! Thank you for the great quality and affordability!!

  • By Hollie

    le 2016-03-11 14:36:31

    I have been trying to return items for over a week now, I haven't received my return label and now I am also not getting any responses from anyone with my concerns. Awful customer service.

  • By Wendy

    le 2016-03-09 15:14:24

    Envie de Fraise will change your pregnancy experience. I believe that when you look good, then you feel good; and this clothing brand will no doubt provide you with feeling good, even when you're body is rapidly changing. I have had no luck finding maternity clothes that flatter while being comfortable and affordable until I tried this brand. I would continue to buy it after pregnancy if they had another non-maternity line. I am very pleased with their service, and appreciate how willing they are to accommodate to me with shipping to the US. My assumption is that their website is fairly new because some technical hiccups exist, but thats expected for a newer site and its not a deterrent. This is an exceptional clothing brand, and I've decided that the French truly know how to treat a woman and make her feel amazing during pregnancy.

  • By Vanessa

    le 2016-03-08 16:06:52

    I was very satisfied with the order procedure and how fast my order came in the mail. Customer service was a little bit slow returning to me, but very helpful with a question I had.

  • By Natalie

    le 2016-03-07 20:00:53

    The clothing is just ok. However, if you are ordering from USA, be aware that the process of shipping, returning it communicating with this vendor is horrendous. In addition to having to pay a 25% import tax at the customs (which was not disclosed on the sellers website), they forgot to include a return label in my package. The sellers not responding to my emails, and it will cost me $140 to return the items!

  • By Kimberly

    le 2016-03-01 16:06:23

    I was not familiar with Envie de Fraise but found a super cute blouse when I did a search for maternity style on Instagram. From there I started shopping on the site and found two adorable blouses, which I can't wait to wear! I was impressed with how fast everything arrived and the quality of the clothes. I didn't really know what to expect since I wasn't familiar. The only thing I was disappointed in was that I couldn't use the $10 credit (when I subscribed to the newsletter - that was slightly misleading - I was just under $99). Overall, I love the style and was happy with my purchase.

  • By Crystal

    le 2016-03-01 14:13:57

    Great prices. Recieved my dress so very quickly & it fit like a glove. Exactly what i was looking for !! So glad i discovered this website last minute.

  • By Claire

    le 2016-03-01 13:45:30

    The clothes are great. But I ordered from the US and I had to pay 77 dollars of taxes and duties to DHL in order to receive my package. I had already paid shipment fees when I ordered on the Envie de Fraise website and I was not informed of any additional fees to pay. Paying around 100 dollars of fees (shipment and taxes/duties) to receive a package with a cost of 300 dollars is not very pleasing.
    I would recommend to order from France.

  • By Mary

    le 2016-02-24 19:32:00

    I ordered 4 maternity dresses and just love them! They fit exactly as described. Shipping was fast as well!

  • By Eleanor

    le 2016-02-24 15:37:08

    Such cute clothes and fantastic service!

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